Three 'M' of dancing

At first, let me yhank you for such an opportunity to speak about one thing I really love. Let me speak about dancing. Some thoughts may seem to be obvious and naive but I made them up from my own experience? so? in that way they're valuable.

The first thing I understood sounds like that: dancing is a mirror. It's the mirror reflecting some your problems. They may be connected with your body and fit and, consequently, with your mind and soul. For example, chest is bound up with emotional centre, arms are connected with your will and so on.

You know, there's a whole branch of psychotherapy called dancetherapy. To be honest, I'm into partner-dancing for more than a half of my life, so, I can say that you really learn how to get rid of being selfish and arrogant, how to respect your partner and trust in him because conducting is one of the most important aspects of dancing.

Generally, dancing helps you not only to keep fit but also to look into interpersonal relationships and to learn a lot about yourself and people around you.

The next thing for which I appreciate dancing is a so called moment 'here and now'. As a girl who is used to planning and controlling almos everything, who always loses herself in empty memories and fantasies about the future, it is incredibly important to learn how to live in the present moment.

So, when I'm on the dancefloor I really forget about my problems (frequently far-fetched). I just have to listen to the music and, of cource, to my partner. And nothing else matters. Naturally, I feel great pleasure then.

Concluding, dancing is reduced to three 'M': a mirror, a moment 'here and now' and, as I see it, a miracle. So, as Stanislav Popov says, dance and be happy!
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